"We were moved to tears by the song. You exactly captured our emotions, in such a simple and elegant tune. Thank you thank you thank you!"
- Woes P.
"This is literally perfect (and I definitely cried like in the really good way), I can't thank you enough, ever. I'm so glad you made this opportunity available."
- Laura B.
"Unbelievable! I love it so much. Chris has new fans for life. Thank you!!"
- Kelly M.
"I absolutely LOVE this song. Within seconds of hearing it I was crying tears of joy and love. I'm giving it to my husband for his birthday next week. It's absolutely perfect and I could not be happier."
- Amber K.
"We both feel really blessed by this song's existence. We'll play it for [our son] forever and often."
- Harjit G.
"Thank you so much for the song. After playing to for her I asked her to marry me...we are now engaged!"
- Justin K.
"THAT WAS WONDERFUL!!! We are a silly people, and your song was funny, perfect, and more than I expected."
- Glenn H.
"Speechless... awesome. Thank you! Thanks so much for a great experience!"
- JM K.
"I am overjoyed. I absolutely love this song for our daughter. It's more than i could have imagined."
- Danielle H.
"I am blown away. It exceeded my expectations and am so impressed. This is going to be the best gift I've ever given!"
- Dan D.
"It's such a huge honour to have an artist write a personalized song for you. I love the song, and I know my mom will too."
- Nate L.
"You brought tears to our eyes and goosebumps to our arms. Thank you Downwrite. You are life changers. I'm recommending you to everyone I know."
- Todd M.
"The song is absolutely amazing. I cant say I didn't tear up a bit when I listened to it. My wife will absolutely love it! The song is everything I could have asked for and more, thanks mate!"
- Daniel B.
"This was perfect! We both cried listening to it. Seriously thank you. I'll never be able to top this for a gift ever again. "
- Dakotah C.
"This song is so awesome!!! [The recipient] is beside herself. She could only say "holy ***" repeatedly so I'm pretty sure that's a seal of approval."
- Merritt M.

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