Tim Waters

Tim Waters

Columbus, OH

Genres:  Pop PunkComedic JinglesAcousticPop Rock

Tear It Apart

Studio Recording

The Last Time

Studio Recording

Fault Lines

Studio Recording


Studio Recording

I am a singer/songwriter and producer in Columbus, Ohio. I have played in a few bands, worked in a few recording studios and produced a few dozen records that you have probably never heard of. I support local music. I once worked with a guy who had a bunch of Grammys but it turned out he was just trying to sleep with me. I should write a song about that...

Anyway...I just love to write and record songs. Will you be my inspiration? Let me take that love letter you've been hanging onto for years and turn it into a heartfelt fist-pumping, pop punk anthem. Or let me write you the perfect love letter. (For you, not to you. That would be a little creepy. Or maybe that's what you want...) I can also do break up songs. I seem to be better at those. This is angsty pop punk after all.

I also LOVE recording covers. Just give me a reason... any reason at all. Just not "The Reason" by Hoobastank.

Or we can just make something ridiculous. Do you like ska? I do. Enough said.

All recordings are tracked, mixed, and mastered at Radio City Records in Columbus, OH.

Let Tim Waters Write You a Song!

  • I will write a short (1 minute or less) theme song for you, your pet, your friend, etc. This is a full band studio recording. Point me in a direction and set me loose! Guaranteed to probably not disappoint!
  • I'll write a full length song (3-5 minutes in length) on acoustic guitar and piano and provide you with a mastered studio recording.
  • A couple verses, some sweet guitar riffs and maybe one too many choruses. I'll write a full length song and provide you with a fully produced (full band) mixed and mastered recording.
  • I LOVE covering songs. Give me an excuse to record one for you! I'll turn any song into a pop punk anthem and provide you with a fully produced, full band, mixed and mastered recording.