Little Dave Merriman

Little Dave Merriman

Brookfield, IL

Genres:  Comedic JinglesFolkRockSinger-Songwriter

Pull Down The Willows

Mid-tempo number by The Arrivals from the album Volatile Molotov. Recorded at Atlas Studios, Chicago, 2010.

I'm Goin' Up Again

From my solo record, Odd Bird. Recorded in 2013 at 8AM, Chicago.

Cracker Barrel "Wholesome Fixin's" Jingle – Demo

I work in advertising and wrote and self-produced this jingle for a Cracker Barrel pitch that never came to fruition. I still love it.

Since 1993, I've been steadily writing, producing and performing music, predominantly as half of the singer/guitarist/songwriter team that fronts The Arrivals. Treasure Fleet, Big Baby and The Mons are a few other groups I've been in that have received some acclaim.

In 2014 I released Odd Bird, my first solo record on which I wrote all of the songs and played all of the instruments. Robert Rodi, music editor for New City – a well-respected, Chicago-based cultural publication – wrote in his review of the album, "His composer chops are exceptional; the tunes here have hooks so sharp they don’t just carry you through the cuts, they pull you by the nose through the rest of your week. ... The tunes vary in tempo and tone, and show off Merriman’s ample depth and range. His persona is so fully realized that it’s only on your second or third listen that his influences begin to bleed through."

I'm excited to see what comes of this Downwrite project. I love writing songs and the concept of writing them for you is delightful!

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