Kristina Cottone

Kristina Cottone

Chicago, IL

Genres:  FolkBluesSoulSinger-Songwriter

Know you

A 'falling for you' song. Production: home recording, single instrument, single vocal.

Ukulele Summer Love Song

A Summer love song. Production: Studio recording / full band / recorded, mixed and masterd by Grammy nominated engineer

La La Love

Honey Due option (featuring guitarist Jon Gould). A custom song for a long distance romance. Production: home recording, multi-instrument / multi-vocal


A custom song created for a Podcast about people's addiction to their cell phones and social media. Production: Studio recording, full band, recorded, mixed and masterd by Grammy nominated engineer.

Kristina Cottone is an indie-soul artist based in Chicago. Known as the front woman and founding member for soul/rock band, Honey & the 45s, Surrounded by a family of performers, Kristina’s interest in the arts and music began at young age. Her grandfather was a jazz singer and her aunt was an actress. Also pursuing the stage, Kristina holds a BFA in acting, and performed as a company member with Chicago’s Organic Theater Company for 5 years before dedicating all of her time to music. ​ “Front woman Kristina Cottone’s voice rides all the varied rhythms with confidence, sass and just the right touch of ironic sexiness...With lyrics like that, you know that you’re in fairly literary hands. Smart girls, it’s clear, just plain do it better.” -Robert Rodi, New City Music. [Collaborate directly with Kristina, or for a sweeter dose of honey, select the "Honey Due" option to request a custom song from Kristina and Honey's incredible guitarist, Jon Gould]

Let Kristina Cottone Write You a Song!

  • Full original custom song with single instrument + vocal
  • Honey Due option, featuring Honey & the 45s talented guitarist Jon Gould. Full original custom song with multiple instruments + vocals
  • Two song concept bundle. Multi instrument + vocals featuring guitarist, Jon Gould. (think "Side A + Side B" of a single)