James Willbanks

James Willbanks

Chicago, IL

Genres:  ExperimentalAmbientElectronicRock

I am pretty much all over the map with styles of music I can create. Mostly I like composing melodic, atmospheric, and weird music. But, I can write any style, besides anything that has too many time signature changes, because of the restrictions of garageband. In the future I will upgrade to a different program. I record guitar and vocals through a blue yeti mic direct in to garageband. I have also collaborated with other artists for different recordings of instruments, drums, keys, vocals, etc.. I enjoy creating music with and for others. If you check out my soundcloud I have a bunch of variety on there and more to come. I'm also working on creating more content for my youtube channel. Thanks for listening and I hope to work with some of you other musicians and music lovers out there in the near future.

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