Jacob Turnbloom

Jacob Turnbloom

San Diego, CA

Genres:  ExperimentalGaragePopPunk

I Don't Wanna Be Down

First Wave Hello

Ezekiel, We Have To Take You Back

Jacob Turnbloom

Greatest Dog in the World

Jacob Turnbloom

There is No God

Mrs. Magician

Jacob Turnbloom's songs are always a step ahead, more clever, more catchy than they have a right to be. Maybe he's got a reference that will go off like a grenade in your head when it finally clicks for you a month from now. Maybe he's got an ear worm that's burrowed directly to the center of your brain. Whatever it is he's doing during his little vacation on our planet, he's doing it right. A Swami Records Recording artist Jacob has received rave reviews for his band Mrs Magician's debut LP, Strange Heaven. The Record which was produced by John Reis (Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes) received a San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Album, & Daytrotter listed Jacob's song There Is No God, as one of the "200 Best Songs of 2012". The juxtaposition of his Science fiction/Horror fascination, with radical political/religious views transform his take on surfy 60's pop songs into songwriting with much more depth than most of his contemporaries. He is currently working on a Film Score for the upcoming Documentary entitled "It's Gonna Blow", a history on the punk/hardcore scene in San Diego taking place from 86-96, featuring such influential artists such as Rocket From The Crypt, The Locust, Blink 182, Rob Crow, Unbroken, No Knife & Three Mile Pilot to name a few. Jacob Turnbloom started his songwriting career fronting the now defunct band First Wave Hello that existed from 2004 - 2008. Influenced by 80’s synth pop, early 90’s alternative, & late 90’s post hardcore, First Wave Hello initially gained recognition in 2006 for their Self Released Debut LP, The Lord & Its Penguin. Drawing comparison to such artist as the Rentals, Hum, & Failure Jacob was able to showcase his ability to write dark melodic pop songs with synthesizer driven hooks, & heavy dissonant guitar tones. With the help of Producer Ken Andrews (Failure, Year of the Rabbit, ON) mixing the record, its colorful sound scape was brought to it’s full potential. In 2007 his follow up to The Lord & Its Penguin, entitled “God Bless, Devil You” was less influenced by the space rock sound of early 90’s that was heavily present on his previous effort, The new record showcased the growth in dynamic arrangements & lyrical progression. Touring the states in 06 with contemporaries Hot Like a Robot, & twice more in 07 as opening support/backing band for Ken Andrews, the band was featured on his live album release. Jacob Turnbloom decided to leave the band 2008 to focus on writing different styles of music, releasing a dreamy & prolific lo-fi bedroom recording on a limited cassette release through Grizzly Records. Shortly there after Jacob joined the controversial yet critically acclaimed post-punk/goth band, Blessure Grave (Captured Tracks, Alien8, Mishka, Downintheground) performing Drums, & recording on the Stranger In the House 7" release, on Mishka Records, as well as a limited Live Tape Release on (Italian Beach Babes) It's your choice on the "quality" or how you want it to sound sonically, abrasive/raw, clean/crisp, whatever. If you want a love song, a revenge song, happy song, sad bastard song, a lullaby for your baby, a song for your pet or past life spirit animal, birthday songs... really anything except no racist, misogynistic or homophobic crap. Save the drama for your mama, I reserve the right to make fun of you behind your back. Let's have fun.

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