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  • Derek Grant


    Songwriter, solo artist, member of Alkaline Trio, Dead Ending, and sometimes The Vandals.

  • Shane Henderson


    Philly native, Shane's music debut was with Valencia, where he wrote, sang, played guitar, & toured the world.

  • Jim Suptic

    Prairie Village, KS

    Jim is best known as the lead guitarist and sometimes singer of The Get Up Kids. He has been a touring musician for 20 years.


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  • Alissa Beyer

    Los Angeles, CA

    Alissa Beyer (The Forty-Eight) is a 26 year old Texas native based out of Los Angeles, CA.

  • Bob Nanna

    Chicago, IL

    Bob Nanna (Braid, Lifted Bells, Hey Mercedes, City on Film) has been writing, recording, & performing music for 25 years.

  • JT Woodruff

    Troy, OH

    JT Woodruff is a singer/songwriter, front man of rock band Hawthorne Heights, and coffee enthusiast.


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  • KOJI

    Philadelphia, PA

    Artist and activist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Emme

    New York, NY

    Berklee College of Music graduate, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emme has performed for Google and YouTube events

  • Shawn Harris


    Shawn Harris (the Matches/St. Ranger/Maniac/Fortress Social Club) records music out of a basement in the Mojave Desert.


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  • Chris Cresswell

    Toronto, ON

    Chris is a songwriter from Toronto. He splits his time as frontman for The Flatliners, and his own acoustic solo work.

  • Carly Comando

    Bethlehem, PA

    Carly Comando is an Emmy-award winning composer and singer/keyboardist for Slingshot Dakota.

  • Chris Farren

    Naples, FL

    Chris Farren is a songwriter from Naples, FL. He is the frontman for Fake Problems, as well as 1/2 of Antarctigo Vespucci.


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  • Brian Pretus

    New Orleans, Louisiana

    I'm Brian Pretus. I play guitar and sing in PEARS.

  • Travis Shettel

    Los Angeles, CA

    Travis Shettel (Piebald, The Past Haunts) is constantly writing off-the-dome jingles to tell stories of his current life.

  • Alexander Paul Grippo

    New Jersey

    Song writer, singer, and musician for over 15 years. Recorded and produced over 10 records. Deep knowledge of nerd culture.


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  • Mark Rose

    Chicago, IL

    Mark Rose is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, best known as a solo artist & former front man of indie/emo band Spitalfield.

  • Lonna Marie

    Los Angeles

    Lonna Marie (Lola Rhodes) is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter. Inspired by love, loss and everything in between.

  • Lucas Carpenter

    Nashville, TN

    Lucas Carpenter is a songwriter, multi-instramentalist, & performance artist based in Nashville, via Pennsylvania.

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