Greg Hooper

Greg Hooper

Oxford, UK

Genres:  ClassicalIndieAlternativeAcoustic

The Ted Theme

A fun theme song written for my 4 year old son, Ted! Ted loves the music from Power Rangers and Transformers and always has an action plan! Home Studio production. All music by Greg Hooper except "Hi-Yahs!" by Ted!


The opening track from my duo's debut album. Studio production. Written by Greg Hooper. Performed by Greg Hooper and Gordon Francis.

Greg Hooper is a Composer/Producer and multi-instrumentalist from Oxford, UK. His diverse experience as a musician includes touring the UK as an Indie/Folk Singer & Guitarist, Orchestrating film scores, MD-ing shows and performing as a classical pianist, and developing gamified music tuition content for Yousician. He currently fronts his own Children's Music Production Company, Snazzy Badgers, as well as taking on freelance work as a composer, mixing engineer and performer. With a home studio setup and a wide range of sounds, samples, VSTs and real instruments at his fingertips, Greg can tackle a wide range of briefs and genres. He is happy to write a nice intimate song on guitar or piano, but also loves taking on more ambitious projects and building instrumental layers to deliver epic results

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