Evan Pharmakis

Evan Pharmakis

Newport, RI

Genres:  FolkIndieSinger-SongwriterAcoustic

Wild Child

I wrote this song for my wife. It's essentially the story of our engagement, and the closing track to my album "Morning Light" released via Equal Vision Records. Recorded with a Chris Curran at Apparition Sound.

My names Evan Pharmakis and I've been writing music and performing for over 15 years. As a founding member of post hardcore group Vanna I contributed all clean vocals and lead guitar for five different albums. Never feeling fully satisfied with the amount of singing and melody I could bring to the table, I moved forward into a more suitable music style with my newer project Wind In sails. A folk/indie/alt-country project where I could begin writing what I wanted and express myself through a truly melodic and heartfelt form of music. And that is where I am now.

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