Emily Herring

Emily Herring

New York

Genres:  CountryPopRockSinger-Songwriter


a slow, romantic song written as a customized song for a client. More acoustic, uses real instruments. Production level is studio quality, with fewer complexities than "Simple Lover."

Fixer Upper

Fun, high-energy, electronic pop song. Highest quality, studio production. Many instrumental and vocal layers.

I'm a lifelong musician who has made a career out of singing, songwriting, and teaching music lessons. I've always lived in New York, and started singing and performing at 7 years old. I've studied, performed, and written songs of many different genres. When I started writing my own songs at age 16, I realized that my musical passion was more about creating than performing. I can embody the emotion one would want to be conveyed in a song as well as fully addressing the situational specifications. My music always has thoughtful lyrics, a strong hook, and a structure that makes a song cohesive. My writing has included pop, rock, country, folk, alternative, and children's songs. I have made and will continue to make songs that speak to each of those genres specifically as well as any combination of them! Music is my pride and joy, and I always do my best to make sure that not only is the customer satisfied in all ways, but that I, myself, am proud to have created the piece of music. I am open to writing any type of song! Aside from hip-hop/rap , I have experience writing in pretty much every style. The genres that comes the most naturally to me are of the pop, rock, country, dance, and folk. I'm confident that I could turn any story/message you have into a song that will please you.

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