D.H. Currier

D.H. Currier

Chicago, IL

Genres:  InstrumentalFolkIndieRock

Light Bulb / Black Cloud

Single from 'Courier' by D.H. Currier // Full band solo recording

Jazz Band Festival

From 'Project: Postcard' by D.H. Currier // Minimal solo recording

We're Here Theme

Theme music for "We're Here" podcast // Instrumental recording

At the ripe age of twelve, a guitar was bestowed upon D.H. Currier for Christmas. Since then, he's been seen playing in something like ten different bands (Cut Teeth, The Felix Culpa, and Venna, to name a few), picking up a slew of new instruments all along the way. He now fancies himself a player of the piano, organ, harmonium, melodica, clarinet, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, trumpet, glockenspiel, vibraphone, and other various percussion instruments - he even thinks he can sing, too. In addition to writing and recording as a solo artist and tirelessly playing in various bands, he also enjoys making instrumental tunes for film, commercial, and theatre-related projects. He would love to contribute to your project, whatever it may be. Or if you'd rather have a song to keep to yourself or gift to a loved one, he's into that, too. D.H. Currier's debut full-length, 'Courier', is now available digitally wherever you stream/download music via Wirehouse Co.

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