Devin Vargo

Devin Vargo


Genres:  InstrumentalAlternativeHip-HopAcoustic

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Devin Vargo began playing music at the age of 3 when receiving his first drum kit. From then on he proceeded to learn the bass guitar and electric (as well as acoustic) guitar. Once moving to Michigan in his early teens and joining the school band program, learning to read arranged music, playing mallet instruments, and learning piano were also obtained. Throughout his teen years he played in a handful of bands including Nothing To Prove, Crossing Parallels, and The Awesome Possums. Along with this he performed and recorded as a solo artist. Following graduation and starting his higher education in the Music Industry Management field, Devin felt it would be best to start the two piece band City Sun, while still writing and recording songs as a solo artist. As of January 2016 Devin has co-founded a record label (SoulTouch Records), is writing/recording the upcoming City Sun album, and aspires to bring more music to more people with each year that passes.

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