Chris Diorio

Chris Diorio

New York City

Genres:  CountryPopRockAcoustic

Don't You Leave Me Alone

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Chris Diorio is the founder of Crennan Songwriting: a creative non-profit collaboration outfit created out of passion, not for profit. Based in New York City, Crennan Songwriting was founded to bring together artists and the songs they envision themselves performing. Whether an artist needs assistance with musical arrangements, topline vocal melodies, lyrics, preproduction, brand marketing, PR, or in-studio consultation/musicians, we can offer quality creative services for a price that is unbeatable: we will work for free.

Crennan Songwriting was founded on a simple goal: to create mutually beneficial products and opportunities without sacrificing our love of music for financial barriers. We understand the financial risk a full time performer shoulders to pursue their dream, which is why we will not charge independent artists for our services.

Listen to our past collaborations and contact Crennan Songwriting if you would like to work together on future projects.

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