Brian Pretus

Brian Pretus

New Orleans, Louisiana

Genres:  AlternativePunkPop Punk

YOOOO! So I usually do these suckas for Christmas but I thought since the bands not touring for a few more months that it'd be tight to do some for Valentines Day! If you trying to find the worlds cutest most romantic gift thats sure to get you in the good graces of someone you love, then looks like you came to the right place! We can write a song together about whoever you want! Whether your partner or someone you want to be your partner, we can write a cute song thats sure to make their heart melt but not like literally because theyd have to go to the hospital and im pretty sure its against the Downwrite rules to physically injure somebody, but you know what I mean! You can write the lyrics, or tell me a bunch of stuff about the person and ill write the lyrics and then ill turn those words into a siiick ass punk song. Guarunteed before Valentines day! Lets make something super rad and make it a V-day for the history boox. -Brian

Let Brian Pretus Write You a Song!

  • This is similar to the 30 second rager, in that you can either give me lyrics, or tell me things in which i write lyrics about, and i will crank out a sick punk tune, but its TWICE AS LONG! Jeez! What a world.
  • Give me some words or tell me some stuff about your person and ill write some words and ill turn it into 30 seconds of romantic punk rock insanity!
  • Holy shit. A fucking "SICK VALENTINE" TOO?! U-F-O GOT to be kidding me! For this shit, gimme some words, or tell me words from which ill pick selected words to elaborate on and barf out some lyrics and a 1:00 song that I'll put on a CD, make rad artwork for, AND ill send you and your loved one a special handmade "SICK VALENTINE", All guarunteed before Valentines Day. Can you believe it?! I can!
  • This is the ULTIMATE love package for the person who thinks their love is the ultimate