Bradley Palermo

Bradley Palermo

Los Angeles, CA

Genres:  Singer-SongwriterFolkPunkAcoustic

Deep Valley Blues

Full production. Original song.

2nd Wind

Single instrument. Original song.

Lost In August

Full production. Original Song.

Singer/songwriter Bradley Palermo has fronted the bands The Sudden Passion and Femme Fatality for the past 15 years. His solo work is equal parts indie folk and Americana. A fan at a recent show described his sound as “Hank 3 meets Bright Eyes,” which is right on the money with his strongest influences. Originally from St. Louis, MO, Bradley is currently based in Los Angeles. Lie in the Sound blog wrote, “I usually fall for distinctive vocals.... Bradley Palermo’s voice got my heart within seconds.” His lyrics are no less heartbreaking than his vocals—autobiographical, alcohol-soaked tales of bar fights, arrest warrants, and failing at love. It’s what you might expect from a guy who has spent the majority of his life playing smoke-filled dive bars across the country. He manages to put a poetic spin on even the lowliest events. As Incognito Magazine put it, Bradley “shows some wordplay that would make Bob Dylan proud.” As The Sudden Passion, he released two full-length albums (one on vinyl), an EP, a few singles, and a collection of demos. From time to time his music appears in unlikely places such as NBC’s The Voice, The CW’s 90210, and UFC’s Ultimate Insider. Lately Bradley has focused on his solo work, performing live as a one-man show with his guitar, harmonicas, and a ukulele. Bradley is currently recording new music and performing shows in Southern California. Beginning in spring 2017, he will be releasing a series of monthly singles with lyric videos. All of his solo music and The Sudden Passion releases are available free (or pay what you can) from his website

Let Bradley Palermo Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal I'll write a song about your dog, your job, your best friend, the love of your life, or something much much more strange if you so choose. You also get to pick if you want it to be played on ukulele or guitar. Fun!
  • 2 instruments (Guitar + Harmonica) / Main Vocals / Backing Vocals 3 min + in length. This is plenty of time to tell a story. What that story is about is entirely up to you! I'll take your thoughts and ideas and round out a complete song just for you. With this option I'll round out the sound with backing vocals and harmonicas in addition to the guitars and main vocal tracks.
  • Full Band Arrangement This song will include guitar, bass, drums, keys, harmonicas, or whatever I need to use to get that full sound spectrum going!