Andrew Kohn

Andrew Kohn

Long Island, New York

Genres:  RockSinger-SongwriterAlternativeAcoustic

VOCAL LESSONS AVAILABLE VIA FACETIME, SKYPE, OOVOO, OR IN PERSON! For as long as I can remember, I have found comfort and peace in music. There is no feeling quite like connecting with a song be it through the instrumentation, lyrics, melodies... feeling music is what I do. Currently, I front a heavy metal ensemble called Ashes In The Sky. I pride myself on what we do because it is so eclectic and no two songs sound alike, but they still have the same Ashes feel and vibe. When I write lyrics, I enjoy putting myself in someone else's shoes and truly immersing myself in whatever emotions I am attempting to portray. Sometimes I enjoy having the instrumental track first and writing lyrics to create a translation of how the music makes me feel. Music is literally my sanity in such an unpredictable and unforgiving world, so I look forward to working with many of you on your projects!

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