Matt Pryor

Matt Pryor

Lawrence, KS

Genres:  AcousticSinger-SongwriterFolkEmo

Stay On The Phone

Taken from The New Amsterdam's "Para Toda Vida" album. This is and example of the "Custom Song" option. One guitar and one vocal that could tell your story with the lyrics.

From California (Acoustic)

Taken from the Vagrant Records "Another Year On The Streets" compilation. This New Amsterdams song is an example of the "Custom Song With Extras" option. Multiple instruments and vocal harmonies to accompany your story.

For twenty years Matt Pryor has released over twenty albums as the singer and songwriter for The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams and as a solo artist. He has also recorded two albums for his kids as The Terrible Twos which he describes as “folk songs about dinosaurs and bugs”. He is primarily a balladeer and specializes in songs for anniversaries and special occasions.

*Note: There is an option to receive handwritten lyrics mailed to you directly and/or a video recording, this is an upgrade that happens during the song request, before check-out.

2-20 HOLIDAY BUNDLE ADD-ON: $200 - 7" vinyl + handwritten lyrics + video recording

Let Matt Pryor Write You a Song!

  • I'll write your mini-song. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or just "because". You can sing the story of the adventures you've had together or celebrate what the future will bring.
  • Full original custom song with a single instrument & vocal.
  • Full original custom song with multiple instruments & vocals ("full band treatment"). Add some extra goosebumps to your custom song with vocal harmonies. A little piano or a tasteful guitar melody can add a lot to the tune. Sometimes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little something "extra".
  • Two full custom songs bundle with multiple instruments & vocals. Think "Side A + Side B" of a single.


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