Steve Soboslai

Steve Soboslai

Nashville, TN via Pittsburgh

Genres:  EmoPop PunkIndieFolk

Downwrite Sampler

This one is a compilation of clips from songs I've written for people through Downwrite.

Your Face

From the Blue of Colors album "Small Little Pieces".

Ava Aleene

I wrote and recorded this little lullaby for Cortney from Dayton, OH to help soothe her baby girl to sleep.

Magic Mountain

Check out a few examples of songs I've written for people and hear for yourself. This song "Magic Mountain" is of the "Full Band" type.

Through this service you can have Steve Soboslai from Punchline write a custom song for you. See below for more info including price and what's needed from you to get started. ******* FLASHBLACK FRIDAY ******* Season's Greetings Friends! When I was at my parents house a few months back, I broke out my old 4-track tape recorder. The last time I used it was in 1998, when I recorded the first Punchline demo tape. I thought it'd be nostalgic as heck to use this old device to record custom songs for people this holiday season — so instead of doing a Black Friday sale, I’m doing a FLASHBLACK FRIDAY. This year I’ve also built donations to a local charity into 2 of the packages. I’m raising money for Club Serenity, based in Charleroi, PA ( They do a lot in the community to help people in recovery from drugs and alcohol, which is sadly killing a lot of our friends and loved ones in my hometown. Club Serenity was “created in the spirit of love and compassion for the sick and suffering individuals in recovery.” Let’s give them a hand. Who’s with me?

Let Steve Soboslai Write You a Song!

  • Single Instrument / Single Vocal Arrangement (Home Recording). I'll write an acoustic song for you. Handwritten lyrics also available as an add-on.
  • Multiple Instruments / Vocals Arrangement (Home Recording). Handwritten lyrics also available as an add-on.
  • *NOT GUARANTEED FOR VALENTINE'S DAY DELIVERY* Thirty Second Version of Single Instrument / Single Vocal Arrangement (Home Recording)
  • Multiple Instruments / Vocals Arrangement / Album Cover Design / Handwritten Lyrics (Home Recording) Full Band Studio Recording | $400
  • Home Recording (Multiple Instruments/Vocal Arrangement)
  • Guitars / Drums / Bass / Programming / Vocals (Studio Recording)