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Downwrite Artists

Chicago, IL
Daniel Wade learned how to write songs with Treaty of Paris. Now, he writes for his solo project and with Ryan Powers & The Secret Weapons. He loves guitars, pizza, and dogs. He'd love to write a song for you about any of those things, or anything at all.
Asheville / Philadelphia / Brooklyn
PJ Bond is a singer/songwriter and mulit-instrumentalist, who tours six months a year, and splits the remainder between NC, NYC, and PA. Having played in many bands, spanning Folk, Pop, Indie, Country, Punk, and more, PJ can help you find your sounds.
Rockford, IL
Warren Franklin is the singer / songwriter in his band Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers. he also plays guitar in Rockford, IL based emo band Joie De Vivre. He wants to write you the perfect song to put on a mix CD for a girl/boy you have crush on.
Chicago, IL
Nic Kaiser & Aubyn Scolnick are singer/songwriters from Chicago who currently perform in the pop punk band Farraday. Outside the band they dabble in the finer things in life: beer, & writing love (or hate) songs for people. Think Donnie & Marie, but good.
Chicago, IL
Mark Rose is singer/songwriter from Chicago. Former frontman of the band Spitalfield (1998-2007), & lifetime ALF enthusiast-- Mark writes his own blend of R&B infused rock and pop that leaves you somewhere between 1983 & the present.
Nashville, TN
Matt Kennedy is a songwriter who recently moved from LA to Nashville. Formerly a guitarist for The Graduate, The Dangerous Summer, and a composer for Vanacore Music, he enjoys creating soundtracks and instrumental jams for all ranges of emotion.
Los Angeles, CA
Bob Morris is the singer of Chicago based band, The Hush Sound. He has released 3 albums and sold over 200,000 records and toured the world. He likes pop music and is pretty good at basketball.
Lawrence KS
Matt Pryor tours the world with The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams and solo. He writes about love, longing, divorce and dinosaurs. He's currently recording the 3rd Terrible Twos album, a project of children's songs as well as his 4th solo record.