Downwrite enables songwriters and songlovers to be mutually inspired, respected, and compensated.

Connect with your favorite artist in a completely fresh, innovative way. Connect with your fans in a deeper, more interactive manner. The rapidly changing landscape of the music industry begs for a new platform of expression, experimentation, and personalized music consumption. We're giving it a shot.

Music is crucial, important. Let's keep it that way. Learn how.

Downwrite Artists

Josh Berwanger first made a name for himself as a member of The Anniversary. His songs are born out of love, heartbreak, fear and frustration and speak to the struggle of someone trying to slug it out in the music business.
Pete Weiland is the songwriter for the band, A Great Big Pile of Leaves. He lives in the woods of Connecticut and loves donuts, pizza, and sharing stories with new people and old friends.
Los Angeles, CA
Tony Thaxton was the drummer/backing vocalist in Motion City Soundtrack for 11 years. He gave up the touring life to start a year round Christmas themed podcast with his dog, obviously. He also currently plays drums in The Pride of Erie PA.
Chicago, IL
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya is a drummer, multi instrumentalist, song writing weirdo composer from Chicago Illinois who performs with several projects.
Lawrence KS
Matt Pryor tours the world with The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams and solo. He writes about love, longing, divorce and dinosaurs. He's currently recording the 3rd Terrible Twos album, a project of children's songs as well as his 4th solo record.
Rock N Roll, USA
chris loves music and loves you and wants to feel the power of your love so lets jam baby
Chicago, IL
Formerly of Panic at the Disco and The Young Veins, Jon Walker is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter inspired by life in general.
Nashville, TN via Pittsburgh
Steve Soboslai is the singer of Punchline. He wants to write songs for you about your dog or your grandma. He wants to help you find the words to say to that special or very unspecial someone.