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Downwrite Artists

Long Island, NY
Vinnie Caruana is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, best known for his work as lead vocalist of The Movielife and I Am the Avalanche.
Naples, FL
Chris Farren is a songwriter from Naples, FL. He is the frontman for the indie-punk band Fake Problems, as well as 1/2 of the power-pop duo Antarctigo Vespucci.
Lawrence KS
Matt Pryor tours the world with The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams and solo. He writes about love, longing, divorce and dinosaurs. He's currently recording the 3rd Terrible Twos album, a project of children's songs as well as his 4th solo record.
Chicago, IL
Kate Grube lives in Chicago. She is the all-the-time singer/keyboardist of Kittyhawk, and the some-of-the-time duet-singer with Into it. Over it. She likes to write about all kinds of things, from cats in bathtubs to alien abductions.
Los Angeles, CA
Tony Thaxton was the drummer/backing vocalist in Motion City Soundtrack for 11 years. He gave up the touring life to start a year round Christmas themed podcast with his dog, obviously. He also currently plays drums in The Pride of Erie PA.
Chicago, IL
Stubhy is a singer/songwriter originally from the suburbs of Chicago, best known for his work with Lucky Boys Confusion and Super Happy Fun Club.
Chicago, IL
Formerly of Panic at the Disco and The Young Veins, Jon Walker is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter inspired by life in general.
Chicago, IL
Chris Broach (Braid, The Firebird Band, L' Spaerow, Solo/Hidden Weapons) has written/performed on many records and is currently working on a new record with Braid and The Firebird Band, as well as some solo material.
Houston, TX
Lindsay Minton is a Jersey native, high school English teacher, and front woman of Texas trio Football, etc. She wants to write sad songs about something other than herself.
Los Angeles, CA
Bob Morris is the singer of Chicago based band, The Hush Sound. He has released 3 albums and sold over 200,000 records and toured the world. He likes pop music and is pretty good at basketball.